Share links to your database tables

Sharing allows you to quickly and easily share your database table(s) with other users, even if they aren't a part of your Xano instance or team. There are three sharing methods available.

Two-factor Authentication (recommended)

A one-time-use access code is required each time the user tries to access the table.

Link and Password

A random, auto-generated password will be provided for you to share with the user. They will need this password to access the table.


The table view is accessible via the link without any verification or authentication.

How to Share a Table in Xano

  1. Click the Share button in the upper-right corner.

  2. On the panel that opens, choose the database view you'd like to share, your preferred share method, and enter the email(s) of the users you'd like to share the table view with. Note: If you intend to enable editing for this shared view, you must choose 2FA.

  1. Once you have confirmed your share options, you'll be presented with a new panel to choose Read Only or Edit access, and supply the email(s) to share the view with.

  2. Once you've shared the database, any user emails listed will receive an email like the one below, which they can use to access the shared view.

Shared Table View

The shared view is very similar to what you see when accessing the table in Xano.

The user can quickly refresh the table view, apply view options such as searching, filtering, and sorting, and even copy a cURL command, giving them quick access to an API call to access the table data.

Managing Shares

Once you have shared a table view, you can manage or revoke the share by clicking the Share button once again.

  1. In the panel that opens, select the share you'd like to manage.

  1. In this panel, you can perform the following actions: - Change the view that is shared - Change the authentication method - Change the access mode (Read or Edit) - Invite new users - Revoke access to specific users - Remove the share entirely

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