Set a Cache Value

Redis Cache Values work in key-value pairs. Set a Cache Value function allows you to define a key to reference the cache value in other cache functions. The data input is where you define the data you wish to be cached (the value of the pair). Ttl stands for time to live. Set this, in seconds, to determine how long to cache the data for.

Key: define a key name to reference the cache value by.

Data: select the value that you wish to cache. This will often be a variable containing data.

TTL: define how long, in seconds, for the cache to last. After this time expires, the query will run normally again and reset the data cache value for the specified time. Set this equal to 0 never reset the cache value.

Redis is extremely sensitive to data variation, so you may find it useful to store JSON objects as text strings for easier use of additional caching functions, such as 'removing from list'.

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