Troubleshooting Errors

How to debug errors in an API Endpoint and what to do when contacting Support

Debugging Errors in an API Endpoint

There are two key features for debugging errors: the Debugger and the Stop & Debug utility function. The Debugger allows you to see the output of each step and any variables that are referenced during the run. The Stop & Debug function allows you to halt the function stack at any point and output the value of a specified variable.

In this example endpoint, an external API call is being made and the resulting data is being stored as a new record in the database.

Upon running this endpoint, the following error occurs.

The endpoint is unable to locate the variable of api_1.message. To solve this problem, we need to check the contents of api_1 and make sure that we have implemented dot notation (the path to api_1.message) correctly. We can do this either by viewing the debugger and looking at the contents of the variable, or by using Stop & Debug to show the output of the api_1 variable.

In either of these methods, we can see that our path should actually be as follows:

If you have a successful run in Xano, but not from an external call…

Utilizing API request history to simulate a failed run is key to understanding why your API calls may be failing. You can copy the input from an external request and use it in the debugger to see the full response of each step in your function stack through a normal Run & Debug.

Contacting Support

To receive the most efficient experience possible, please make sure you have addressed the following before reaching out to Xano support:

  • Have you tried the debugging steps listed above to narrow down problematic requests or steps in your function stack?

  • If you are having an issue on your front-end, have you taken the necessary steps to ensure that everything is set up correctly on your front-end to use external data sources (like Xano)?

  • Have you consulted the Xano community and the documentation on this issue?

If you have taken the steps to troubleshoot your endpoint, or you’ve received an Unknown Error Occurred message, and you need to reach out to support for assistance, please make sure that you provide as much of the following information as possible.

  • Any screenshots of error messages you see

  • A screenshot of your browser's developer console when the issue occurs

  • Steps to reproduce the issue, if any

  • What front-end you are using

  • Any inputs required to run

  • A link to the endpoint, function, task, or database trouble you are having an issue with. Please provide the URL in your address bar, not the endpoint URL you use with your front-end.

If you do not provide all of the information listed above, your support request will likely receive a delayed response.

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