Agency Profile

List your services on Xano's Marketplace and get leads

As a Xano Agency, you are eligible to add your Agency profile to be listed on the Xano Marketplace's Partner Directory. The Partner Directory is where Xano users and leads go to search for Xano partners to help with their projects.

The Agency profile is you and your agency's opportunity to make a lasting first impression and market your services to potential leads.


Only those a part of the Xano Partner Program may be eligible to have an Agency profile. Currently, an Agency plan initiates official Partner Program status and grants eligibility.


Leads will be able to contact your Agency through the Xano Marketplace to request your services on a Xano project.

Lead requests will come from Be sure to add this email address as a contact.

Types of Profiles

Agencies may list their services under the following categories:

  • Developer - Generally, when an agency builds a project for a client.

  • Coach - Generally, provides 1 on 1 or group coaching on Xano, lessons, courses, or similar services

  • Both Developer and Coach - If your Agency provides both of the above services. Please detail both capabilities specifically in your agency profile.

Create An Agency Profile

The Agency Profile is accessible from the Instance Menu Panel.

Required Information

Please be sure to include all the required information, you will not be able to submit your profile if you are missing any information.

  • Agency Name

  • Description - Please be detailed, this is an opportunity for you to tell leads why they should hire you.

  • Contact Email - This is the email address where lead requests will go to.

  • Location - The country your agency is based.

  • Role - Service your agency provides: Developer, Coach, or both. (See above for more details).

  • Website - Link to your agency's website.

  • Video Link - A link to a video introducing your agency and services.

  • Tools - No-code tools your agency is proficient in.

  • Skills - Skills and capabilities that your agency has. (Examples: AI, Cryptocurrency, Healthcare, etc.) This section will be searchable by leads.

  • Languages - Which languages your agency can conduct business in.

  • Logo Image - Agency logo image for the profile.

  • Banner Image - Agency banner image for the profile.

  • Accepting New Clients - Whether or not your agency is accepting new clients.

After clicking save your Agency Profile will be submitted for review. Please allow up to a few days for your profile to be reviewed by the Xano team.

Once approved your profile will automatically appear on the Xano Marketplace Partner Directory and leads can start contacting you.

The Xano team reserves the right to remove an Agency profile at their discretion.

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