Database Requests

Database requests are functions that interact with the database. They allow you to manipulate the data from the different database tables in your workspace.

The database request functions are:

  • Query All Records - Retrieves all records from the database. But also, you can have full control over the queried data with filtering, joins, aggregates, response customization, and much more.

  • Get Record - Retrieves a single record based on a field look up.

  • Has Record - Returns whether a record exists or not based on field look up.

  • Edit Record - Updates a record based on a field look up.

  • Delete Record - Deletes a record based on a field look up.

  • Add Record - Adds a new record to the database.

  • Add or Edit Record - Looks for a record based on a field look up. If the record does not exist, it will add a new record. If the record does exist, it will update the existing record.

  • Database Transaction - Allows you to group functions together that you want to execute only if each function is successfully executed. Typically used with two or more functions that are mission critical.

  • Clear All Records - Permanently clears all the records from a database table.

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