Correlating Bubble Workflow Actions to Xano Functions

This page is meant to be used as a reference when rebuilding your Bubble workflows in Xano. If you have not yet introduced yourself to the Function Stack in Xano, we recommend starting here and returning to this section once you have a basic understanding of how to use it.

Bubble Actions in Xano - Quick Reference

Bubble ActionXano FunctionVideo Example

Create a new thing

Make changes to thing

Make changes to a list of things

Delete thing

Delete a list of things

Copy a list of things

Schedule API Workflow on a list

Recursive Workflows

Only When Condition

Recurring Workflow

Database Triggers

Front-End Workflows vs Back-End Workflows

When considering what workflows to leave in Bubble vs those to migrate to Xano, there are some standard questions you can ask to help your decision making process.

  • Does this workflow modify my database?

    • If so, this should be moved to Xano

  • Does this workflow make changes to data as it appears in the front-end?

    • In most cases, Xano will handle the data manipulation before the data is delivered. This helps to make sure your front-end stays as performant as possible. An example of this would be converting a UNIX timetstamp into a human-readable format.

    • A case where it might make sense to keep this workflow in Bubble would be dynamic image transformation. For example, maybe your users are uploading an image and you want to show a preview of a cropped or edited version.

This question being effective generally requires context for your specific use case, so if you're not sure, check out the Xano community where you can interact with other Xano + Bubble users directly and get the best possible information.

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