Backup and Restore

Learn more about how backups work in Xano, and how to use them.

How do backups work in Xano?

Learn more about how backups are taken in Xano.

Managing Backups

Learn how to initiate a backup manually, schedule your backups, and restore a backup.

How do backups work in Xano?

For anybody on our free plan, no backups are available. You can, however, export your database tables at any time; read more on that here.

For our paid plans, backups are taken daily on a rolling 3-day schedule. These are whole instance backups, meaning that everything in all of your workspaces are included in these backups.

A backup restore can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, all the way up to an hour or more depending on the size of your database and if media files are included in your backup.

Managing Xano Backups

From your Instance Selection screen, click the ⚙️and choose Database Backup.

Please be aware that anything in draft state will not be backed up or restored, only the published versions of items.

Initiating a Manual Backup

Choose Backup from the Database Backup panel.

Check the box if you would like to include media storage in your backup, and click Backup to start the process.

You can check the status of your backup from the History panel.

Restoring a Backup

Tip: Create a manual backup before performing a restore, just in case you need to roll back.

Choose Restore from the Database Backup panel and select the backup that you would like to restore, and confirm your choice in the pop-up dialog that appears.

If the operation is successful, you should see this notice in the bottom-left corner, and can check the progress from the History section.

Once the job is complete, you are free to access your newly restored instance again.

Manage Backup Options

From the Policy panel, you can manage options related to your backups in Xano.

  • Backup Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often are backups taken?

    • Backups are taken on a rolling three day schedule for anybody on a paid plan.

  • Can I just restore a table or a specific piece of data?

    • Currently, for self-serve customers, only whole instance restore is possible at this time. For our Enterprise users, custom backup implementation is avaialble, including point-in-time restore.

  • How long are manual backups kept?

    • Manual backups (meaning backups that you initiate outside of your normal 3-day schedule) are kept for 90 days.

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